About Jackie Boyd

photo of Jackie BoydEmotional Well-being is the empowerment to live life to the fullest, while taking charge of your life to realize and step into your greatest self. It starts from where you are, whether that be overcoming paralyzing anxiety and fear, managing and maintaining specific financial goals or becoming happy with your physical appearance. Sometimes we need a bit of help to move into wholeness mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and, finally, financially.

As a wellness specialist for over 20 years, Jackie Boyd has provided her clients with personal spa treatments and mobile massage therapy. It was while doing this work she discovered that she had created a safe space for men and women to comfortably share their challenges, personal problems and emotions with her. As she listened to her clients, she created powerful breakthroughs presenting authentic solutions without judgment. This coaching process came natural to her.

With her unique discerning gift, Jackie became a personal life coach and the founder of Create Emotional Wellbeing. She now creates healing, breakthroughs and transformation. She guides people of all ages to meet the demands of everyday life with peace of mind, positive self-healing, and joy through her individual coaching and speaking programs.

Emotional Well-being coaches men and women with life challenges and obstacles and helps them move to a more positive and productive space. Take charge of your life today and let us help you get there!